Our Brands

  • Hong Kong Lighting Fair

    Light up for a Bright Future, 27-30 October 2014 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

  • 2012 Lighting Design Award

    2012 Lighting Design Award in the Kitchen Lighting section

  • Best Selling Lighting

    Best Selling Lighting in 2011

  • Attend 2012 Las Vegas Exhibit

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Our Brands

Alpha Design Lighting Inc is an internationally LED leading supplier of Thin and light LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor building lighting applications.

Based on our own patent technology, In the year 2009, Alpha Design developed Fresnel lens Homogenize thin and light LED, Homogenize LED lighting over 94%, reduce LED dazzling lighting greatly.

As an innovation leader, Alpha Design supplies an extensive range of Thin and light LED lighting systems for various professional building lighting application areas:

•Offices and Communication

•Presentation and Retail

•Hotel and Wellness

•Health and Care

•Industry and Engineering

•Façades and architecture

For more than 5 years, Alpha Design has been developing innovative, custom lighting solutions that meet exacting requirements in terms of ergonomics, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility and also deliver aesthetic added value.

Alpha Design has an international customer presence thanks to its own sales organization in North America,Europe and Asia agencies in more than 5 different countries. The company has its roots in Silicon Valley but sets great store by international contacts in order to maintain its worldwide network of specialists and design partners in the lighting sector.

Alpha Design uses thin and light LED lighting solutions to create lighting scenes that make it possible to experience the interplay between light and architecture in all its diverse complexity. The combined use of Thin and light LED lighting systems is geared towards the architecture of a building and the particular application situation.

Alpha Design conducts research into the health promoting effects of light and makes it ever easier to exploit these effects in order to provide people with the best possible lighting quality. Alpha Design’s applied research attaches particular importance to energy efficiency.

The Alpha Design Lighting Inc LED lighting brands supply thin and light LED lighting systems and lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications under the Alpha Design brand names. The figures stated below relate to the lighting brands.

Headquarter: Fremont/USA

Business activities in: North America



“We want to use LED light to create worlds of experience, make work easier and improve communications and safety while remaining fully aware of our responsibility to the environment.”

In line with this vision, Alpha Design develops innovative, custom LED lighting solutions that satisfy ergonomic, economic and ecological requirements and deliver aesthetic added value.

Besides the very latest thin and light LED technology advances and research developments, We view LED light as synonymous with quality of life

Light is life – and lighting design shapes the way we live. The technological edge and perfection of our thin and light LED are an integral part of contemporary lighting culture.

All of our company’s efforts ultimately focus on people and their living situations. thin and light LED lighting design products must all contribute towards a humane environment that fosters health and welfare.